Segunda-feira, Setembro 03, 2012

what am I, 15?

I still don't know why this surprises me. It's always been this way and I keep thinking it will change. Everyone's here for the Japanese ones.

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Quarta-feira, Julho 04, 2012

mano, sério.
vão embora pra eu não expulsar todo mundo.

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Terça-feira, Junho 19, 2012

I got the realization that I don't have that one friend anymore. The one I can count on waiting for me until I get back and that I want to talk to about everything. I don't have that one best friend I need and I am feeling extremely alone in this moment. I don't have anyone around that I trust like that.

The alone that I want is not the one that I have.

I should start my praying habits again. Start over in the next semester and pray that I can make the friends I can never make.

gumi wrote at 1:47 PM nya:


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